Sublimation printing

Printing house – sublimation printing


Sublimation printing is a technique of decorating clothes using the phenomenon of sublimation, which allows to:

– place high quality photographs, graphics or full-colour subtitles on the material;

– print the entire surface of clothes, bag, towel, bedding, etc.

The final result:  high quality printing, resistant to abrasion, expressive printing, pattern remains imperceptible in touch.

Machines – the most modern machines from Mimaki and Monti Antonio companies.

It is possible to print on patterns or directly on the material roller length.


We specialize in sewing of advertising, sports, employees and casual cloths,

in women’s, men’s and children’s styles,

on which we can apply embroidery or sublimation printing:

– short and long-sleeved shirts (t-shirt, polo, top, rashguard, tank top);

– sweatshirts, fleece, softshells;

– pants, shorts, leggings;

– skirts and dresses;

– visiting and sports shirts;

– hats, headbands, scarves, shawls, bandanas, infinity scarfs, buffs, sports sleeves;

– gowns and aprons,

Examples of clothing designs

Examples of gadget projects


Materials have properties:


Breathable-oddychający Zapewnia transport wilgoci na zewnatrzQuick dry-szybkoschnący


additional properties with silver ions:

Anti-odor- Ogranicza powstawanie nieprzyjemnych zapachówAnti-Bacterial - Antybakteryjny